Senator Lisa Murkowski

Apr 29, 2011 -- 12:20pm

I am honored to be able to sit down with Senator Lisa Murkowski this afternoon for the first installment of a new show I amk hoping to produce that will be made available to everyone via podcast.  Details on the visit and audio will be available soon.


Emergency Preparedness Continued

Apr 25, 2011 -- 12:00pm

After attending my first meeting with the Local Emergency Preparedness Committee I have two observations:


1)  Most importantly, there IS a plan.  The folks who have been on the committiee have done a good job of having a response plan ready to roll in case of what I will call a DEFCON 6 situation ie: magnitude 9 quake, wildfire, volcanic eruption, etc.  Now that I am attending to represent the media (the folks tasked with getting the message out) i feel much better.

2)  As a member of the media, my team and I along with all other media teams in the state need to do a much better job of keeping disaster preparedness top of mind, and developing our multi-media platforms to quickly, and accurately disseminate emergency information.


It's really pretty simple from a planning standpoint; it's just the proverbial pyramid.  More on that tomorrow.



Emergency Preparedness

Apr 19, 2011 -- 11:03am

I am about to attend my first meeting with the Mat-Su Emergency Planning Commission.  Are we prepared as a community?  Are you prepared as an individual?

Recent events such as the earthquakes in Japan, and the severe tornadoe outbreaks in the lower 48 bring this topic to the forefront, but it should be there all the time.  When you take into account all the possible natural disasters we could potentially have to deal with here in SouthCentral Alaska it can be pretty overwhelming.

How can we "train ourselves" to always be ready?


Visit for information.

emergency preperation
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